Feb 17, 2011

Aksarben Cinema Grand Opening - A Successful Story of Theater Digital Signage

December 10, 2010 – Omaha, Nebraska – The ten-screen Aksarben Cinema celebrates its grand opening as part of a development which is located on the site of former Ak-Sar-Ben racetrack and arena which were demolished in 2005. Instead of going the traditional look, the owner, Bill Barstow decided to feature digital ticket kiosks at the box office, digital menu boards on concession counters, and digital posters throughout the theater’s lobbies, hallways and wait areas, provided by the leading embedded digital signage solution provider Corn Digital.

Since movie trailers are one of the essential part of theater’s marketing strategies that brings guests back to the theater, Aksarben Cinema installs over forty displays inside the theater to do the job. As theater patrons enter the theater, they will be greeted by an array of over ten 42” poster-sized digital signage posters showcasing new or upcoming movie trailers. Guests will be entertained by trailers of upcoming films, informed with theater events and promotions while they purchase tickets, snacks and wait for movies to start.

Even though over forty screens were used throughout the theater, only eleven of Corn Digital’s Ceres-88 Networked Digital Media Players were required to complete the job since many of the screens were showing identical movie trailers and dynamic menu board contents. Using splitters for repeating displays would generally get the job done as well as saving the theater time and money.


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